Online Survey Jobs for Indians

Online Survey Jobs in India

If you are looking to take online surveys for money, then keep reading. In this article we will discuss how to find legitimate online survey panels and join them. First of all let me tell you that online surveys are not a get rich quick scheme. You will not be rich doing online survey jobs. However, you can earn a few hundreds extra dollars each month by participating in market research surveys.

We have reviewed a number of survey panels (based on survey frequency, rewards and payment) and here are our Top 5 Survey Panels. Join these survey panels to begin with and get paid for your opinions. By actively participating in online surveys you can easily earn a few hundred dollars extra each month. Please note that you need to click on the confirmation link in the email in order to receive paid survey invitations. Top 5 Survey Panels that Provide Online Survey Jobs in India:


  1. Awwro: Register with awwro survey panel and earn cash for your opinions.
  2. Valued Opinions India Panel: is a Dynata survey panel. Join Valued Opinions India Online Paid Survey Panel and earn rewards for sharing your opinions. It is free and legitimate survey panel.
  3. Global Test Market: Take Surveys at Global Test Market – Sign up Now!. Global Test Market pays 0.25$ even if you don’t qualify for a survey. So do join global test market panel.
  4. Opinion World India: Join Opinion World India survey panel, share your opinions and earn rewards and cash.
  5. Opinion Place: This survey panel is owned by AOL and is one of the best paying survey panel. Join, complete online surveys and earn cash at Opinion Place.


A lot of companies these days conduct thorough research and planning before implementing a certain project or offering a new product or service to consumers. Join free survey panels and get paid to take surveys online. They acquire the opinions and suggestions from prospect clients and buyers first, so that they can suit the varying needs and preferences of the consumers. This is the reason why it is now common to find online surveys for money offered through the web.

The surveys are commonly facilitated by a certain website that specializes in such field. Participating in online surveys is not just a way of delivering concerns to the providers, but it is also an opportunity to earn money online. There are now numerous websites that offer various surveys from different companies to the right group of consumers online. Answering surveys online is usually quick and easy. Such method and process allow fast dissemination of results, which leads to speedy growth and development of businesses all over the world.

Join free survey panel and get paid to take surveys. Some companies may only ask to answer a remarkably short survey, in which they will only allow the participant an access to their site as a return to the favor. However, such technique commonly slows down the gathering of data and necessary information, because most people tend to disregard the idea of answering without a monetary gain. Offering online survey jobs is the most effective method when aiming to acquire highly relevant opinions from the right group of consumers.

There are now numerous websites that are already trusted by large and popular companies in the completion of a certain survey. Those who want to participate should find a trustworthy website that offers genuine online surveys for money. There are also offers that will require the participants to use a certain product, or acquire a service first, before they can give their opinions and suggestions. The sample products are delivered to the chosen participants.

Some people may only want to try the newest product in the market that they will submit to become a respondent, while others enjoy the free product and at the same time made it as their ultimate way in making money online. Respondents should check for the background or reviews of the website that offers a survey before answering anything. There are also other sites that post reviews of many survey providers. Anyone can inquire whether a certain provider belongs to scam or not.

Now it is up to you whether you want to make some extra cash online or not. If you want then you need to take action. As a start join the available survey panels below and start taking online survey jobs. Happy earning!


Online Survey Jobs for Indians: Currently the Toluna India survey panel is looking for new Indian members. Join Toluna today, share your opinions and earn money online. Joining is free and no investment is required.

In order to receive online survey jobs you need to:

  • Sign up now with Toluna India
  • Check your Email and click on the confirmation link ( this is required to get survey invitations)
  • Participate in paid surveys that are mailed to you and get rewarded for your time and efforts.

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